The Centre for Development of Advanced Technologies (CDTA) was created within the Commissioner for renewable Energies in 1982 as “Centre for development of Advanced Technologies”. The centre was consisted of the following laboratories :

  • Systems Architecture
  • Robotics
  • Laser
  • Plasma
  • Thermonuclear Fusion
  • Spatial radiation studies

March 22nd , 1988 : Creation of “Centre for Development of Advanced Technologies” by a Presidential Decree No. 88-61.

December 28, 1988 : Assignment of Unit Technology Development at Silicon CDTA by ministerial decree.

November 29th, 1988 : The internal organization of CDTA fixed by ministerial decree :

- Departments of research support:

  • Training and information science
  • Administration and Means
  • Studies and Technical Resources


- Departments of Research and Development:

  • Cybernetics
  • Ionized
  • Microelectronics


December 1st 2003 : Executive Decree No. 03-457 amending and supplementing Decree No. 88-61 of March 22nd 1988 establishing the Centre of Advanced Technologies and Development Centre passage of the Public Establishment status Scientific and Technological character.

September 2nd , 2006  : Inter-Ministerial Order on the internal organization of the Centre for Development of Advanced Technologies  :

- Administrative and Technical Departments :

  • Human Resources and External Relations
  • Finance, accounting, resources and project management
  • Scientific and technical information, scientific equipment and the utilization of results of research


- Research Divisions :

  • Architecture and multimedia systems
  • Microelectronics and Nanotechnology
  • Ionized Media and laser
  • Industrial Engineering and Robotics


November 8th , 2007: Inter-ministerial Order supplementing the inter-ministerial decree of September 2nd 2006 on the internal organization of the Centre for Development of Advanced Technologies and on the activities of the Unit for Development of Silicon Technology.

15 March 15th , 2011 : Ministerial Decree No. 143 establishing a research unit in photonics and optics, based in Sétif and attached to the Centre for Development of Advanced Technologies.