IML Division

Ionized Media and Laser Division

Head of the division:  MEBDOUA Yamina

The Ionized Medea and Lasers Division aims to break the present hurdles in the development and exploitation of plasmas, lasers, and materials processing.

The main scientific objective of the division is to better understand and control the mechanisms that take place during the processes of elaboration of materials. The second objective concerns the development and characterization of lasers and detection systems for various applications such as environment, medical,

The scientific approach of the division is multidisciplinary linking basic research to engineering. Thus, the division associates physics, chemistry, material sciences, process engineering, electronics, and mechanics. The division attempts to contribute to the progress of knowledge in order to answer to some socioeconomic needs.

The activities of the division are shared into five main thematic groups, defined in order to take into account the specificities of competences necessary for studies in material processes and surface treatments domains, as well as in plasmas and laser technologies:

  • Thermal spray Team.
  • Plasmas and applications.
  • Laser-Matter Interaction Team.
  • Material treatment by laser Team.
  • Laser systems technologies Team.