MN Division

Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Division

Head of the division:  SLIMANE Abdelhalim

The research activities of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Division are interested in general in the design of integrated circuits, the development of CAO-VLSI tools, the semiconductors device characterization, technological simulation and the development of Design Kit for CMOS 1µm.

The Design of integrated circuits bears mainly upon :

  • Specific integrated circuits ASICs,
  • Integrated systems on chip (Soc),
  • Integrated circuits with radio frequency.


      The activity of tools CAO/VLSI development bears mainly upon :

  • The high level synthesis of VLSI systems to integrate on same chip,
  • Development of CAO/VLSI tools answering a new constraints introduced by the System on chip implementations,
  • Development of effective techniques of optimization from the point of view of time CPU because of the treatment of very broad whole of data,
  • Development of assistance tools of digital systems design with low power consumption.


     The characterization activity bears mainly upon :

  • The electric characterization of components and semiconductors devices,
  • The reliability of MOS structures subjected to the electric constraints and ionizing radiations,
  • The development of electric qualifications methods of irradiated transistors degradation,


     The technological simulation activity bears mainly upon :

  • TCAD (SILVACO) simulation of technological processes CMOS,
  • Numerical modeling.


     The development activity of Design Kit for a CMOS 1µm technology bears
mainly upon :

  • Development of digital standard cells library,
  • Development of cells of input/output library,
  • Development of elementary analogical cells library,
  • Development of regular structures generators.