TELECOM Division

TELECOM Division

Head of the division: Farid Ghanem

The TELECOM Division aims to carry out R&D activities in the domain of Telecommunications. These activities are taken in charge by five different teams: Antennas, Wireless Communications, Networks Multimedia and Security, Web-based Inter-Organizational Collaboration Services, and Signal Processing for Biometric Systems, Multimedia Security and Forensics.

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Applications domains are wide and diverse and include:

  • 4G Communications Systems and Beyond
  • Channel Modeling and Characterization
  • Body-Centric Communications Systems
  • Cognitive Radios
  • Internet of Things
  • Adaptive streaming of Multimedia content over the Internet
  • Web technologies, Semantic Web and Web 2.0
  • Inter-Organizational Information Systems
  • Voice and Face Analysis for Forensic and Video Surveillance Applications
  • Video Content Protection
  • Wireless Sensor Systems