The 6th Edition of Science Popularization Show

The Centre for Development of Advanced Technologies CDTA, participates in the 6th edition of Science Popularization Show, held from 19 to 21 May, 2015 at the University of Ouargla, Kasdi MERBAH. Through its stand,   the CDTA presents the various activities of the Center as well as its multiple fields of research and applications.

This event has a Scientific and Technical character, organized by the DGRSDT within the framework of the celebration of both the International Year of light and its applications and the student day.

This event is rich in activities and presentations which constitute an opportunity for meetings and exchanges between universities, research centers and industries. Indeed, the show is a privileged means to allow visitors, whether professional, industrial or students to take part in different debates and presentations about popularization and to acquire novelties in various scientific fields (Chemistry, Physics, Math, Biology and Astronomy).