CDTA’s Technology for Socio-Economic Sector

A new step, and not the least, has just been reached by the CDTA concerning socio-economic valorization and its R & D results. In fact, it was conducted.

On 13/04/2015 upon the signing of shareholders’ agreement which will devote the majority entry of the historical operator, Algerie Telecome in the capital of SATICOM, technological subsidiary of CDTA ,  for the development of innovative and dedicated TIC solutions.

This agreement comes as part of the strategic approach adopted by the CDTA for boosting its R & D activity, and fully dedicates its efforts for so many years within the framework of the rapprochement   of socio-economic sector through the development and the deployment of new technologies with high added value, notably for the ICT sector and industries of goods and service.

Thus, it will enable its next finalization with SATICOM to take the legal form of joint-stock company, with a capital of 100 million dinars; will be shared between Algérie Télécom and the CDTA. The documents were initialed at the directorate general of Algérie Télécom,by its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) M. Azouaou MAHMAL and the director of CDTA ,Mr. Samir TAGZOUT under the aegis of the Minister of Post and new information and communications technologies, Mrs Zohra Derdouri and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mr. Mohamed MEBARKI.

For his part, the CEO of Algérie Télécom, Mr.Azouaou MEHMEL reported “this signature is a great event for both the historical operator and the ICT sector. This is a strategic acquisition for Algérie Télécom, which henceforth has a real structure of research and development solutions for our own needs as well as those of the Algerian market”.