Research Unit URCDO

Research Unit entitled components and optoelectronic devices

Research Unit entitled “Optoelectronic Components and Devices” in the Advanced Technology Development Center was established by Decree No. 003 of January 4th , 2014, The headquarters of the research unit is in the wilaya of Setif.


URCDO research unit is responsible for:

  • The conduct of research and development works which focus on the synthesis and characterization of phonetic materials and their use in devices based on modern optics, electronics and microelectronics,
  • The investigation on materials and development of optoelectronic components Technique. This investigation will focus particularly on optoelectronic in thin layer, organic optoelectronic, magnetic optoelectronics, and on the study of the modeling of the physical properties of materials for optoelectronic applications,
  • The integration of optoelectronic components and devices in the fields of microelectronics and photovoltaic.


The research unit will consist of two divisions:

  • Research Division: development of optoelectronic components Technique,
  • Research Division: Optoelectronics Components and Competitive Technology.