Ion implantation area

A medium-current ionic implanter is used to introduce dopants into a platelet.

Equipment available in the ion implantation area 

  • VARIAN E220 Ion Implanter
  • Species: B+(BF3), P+(PH3), As+(AsH3) and Ar.
  • Dose range: from 2.0e12 to 5.0e15 ion/cm2.
  • Energy range: 15 to 200 KeV.
  • Incidence angle: standard 7°.
  • Diamond of the insert: 150 mm

Possible services in the ion implantation area

  • Doping of wafers (silicon) with two types of dopants: type P and type N.
  • Amorphisation of crystalline structures (creation of defects in the structure).