Photolithography training

Theoretical training on photolithography is provided by engineers and researchers from the Microfabrication Technology Platform (PTM). It includes the different lithographic steps such as substrate preparation, deposition, spreading and development of the photosensitive resin, exposure to UV radiation and after the development of the photosensitive resin, as well as the inspection tests associated with the different.

Training program:
1. Theoretical training:

A presentation course will introduce the concept of photolithography and describe all the steps of the photolithography process. The program is as follows:

  • Introduction to the concept of the clean room and description of the lithography area.
  • Principle and types of lithography
  • components of lithography.
  • Lithography techniques and photolithography process.
  • Projection photolithography optics

Duration: Half day

2. Practical training:

The practical training is based on the use of photolithography equipment available in the clean room for the following steps:

  • Preparation of the wafer substrate and deposition of the adhesion promoter
  • Depositing and spreading of the photosensitive resin (spin coating)
  • Alignment and exposure of the photosensitive resin with UV/I-line 365 μm
  • Development of photosensitive resin

Duration: Half day