Training in Wet Etching and Cleaning

Training on wet benches is intended for all chemical users so that they are familiar with the good practice used in laboratories. The training concerns the use of wet benches and focuses mainly on the handling of acids. The second part of the training focuses on substrate cleaning. The safety aspect, which is of prime importance, is also covered during this training.

Training program:

1. Theoretical training:

Theoretical course: consists in introducing chemical processes with all the necessary data.

Duration: 2 hours.

2. Practical training:

The training notes the following points:

1. Safety training in wet etching areas:

    • Initiations for the dangers and risks present during the work.
    • The obligation to wear appropriate personal protective equipment
    • The right actions to take in the event of an accident or incident.

2. Process training

Training on the chemical process: Engraving and cleaning:

    • Cleaning standard: SC1, SC2.
    • SiO2 silicon oxide etching
    • Si3N4 silicon nitride etching
    • Engraving of metals according to the availability of chemical solutions.
    • Resin stripping by the organic method.

Duration: Half day for each process.