A Novel Design Method for Compact UWB Bandpass Filters

Abstract; In this letter, a new design method of ultra wideband bandpass filter (UWB BPF) is proposed. Based on a symmetrical structure of a simple uniform line loaded by a stepped-impedance open stub (SIS) connected at its center, the proposed design method employs simultaneously the optimization of a defined objective function in the range of […]

October 16, 2019 Rachid SIKADOUR , , , ,


J.-P. Raskin, High quality silicon-based substrates for microwave and millimeter wave passive circuits

Abstract; Porous silicon substrate is very promising for next generation wireless communication requiring the avoidance of high-frequency losses originating from the bulk silicon. In this work, new variants of porous silicon (PSi) substrates have been introduced. Through an experimental RF performance, the proposed PSi substrates have been compared with different silicon-based substrates, namely, standard silicon […]

October 15, 2019 Rachid SIKADOUR , , , ,