Participation of the CDTA in the first edition of the colloquium: « The levers of the economic development of Algeria ».

From March 29th  to 30th , 2022

The ESC Business School, in partnership with the National Institute for Global Strategic Studies (INESG) is organizing the first edition of the conference named : « The levers of Algeria’s economic development » on March 29th  and 30th , 2022.

This edition is supported, in its scientific and organizational dimension, by the MAGIPO laboratory of the ESC Business School .

After the opening, the speech of the Director of the ESC, Mr. Kamel BOUSSAFI, and that of the INESG representative represented by Mr. Mahfoudh DARHOUM, a rich program of workshops and conferences was announced by the organizers.

The CDTA took part in the various interventions; a presentation is led by Mrs. Sabrina TITRI, entitled:

« Feedback from the CDTA in terms of inking and dissemination of new technologies »

The CDTA also marked its presence via its research divisions and its technological platforms by exhibiting several of their projects in a lively and responsive stand.

Production and Robotics Division:

– Advanced control of robotic systems.

– Smart gas meter.

– Rehabilitation using VR

– Smart wheelchair.

– Surface drone for bathymetry.

Telecom division:

– System to promote investment in marine aquaculture nationwide.

– Investment management system in the field of water drilling in the wilaya of Ouargla.

– Waste management system (IBIN).

– New radio-communication technologies.

– Design and development of devices for measuring and controlling the speed of vehicles.

Ionized Media and Lasers Division:

– Design and production of an additive manufacturing device by selective laser melting on a powder bed.

– Design and production of a Galvo-xy scanner device by guiding laser beams.

Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies Division:

– Smart Reprogrammable Intelligent Sensor Node (NCIR).

The DDSTSIA department was also present through its project, namely: national mapping for COVID cases in Algeria.