About CDTA

Research, Technology and Society

The Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CDTA) is a scientific and technological public institution (EPST). It carries out scientific research, technological innovation, valorization and training in the fields of:

  • Science and information technology,
  • Industrial technologies and robotics,
  • Microelectronics and nanotechnology,
  • Thin layers deposition and materials processing,
  • Lasers and their applications in industry and environment,
  • Optics and photonics,
  • Opto-electonic components and systems,
  • Telecommunications.

Through its missions, CDTA actively contributes to the development of knowledge, its transformation into know-how and products beneficial to economic and societal development. To put forward this mission, CDTA chose as slogan the triptych: Research, Technology and Society.

Client Name

System and Multimedia Architecture

In particular, information systems and data warehouses; e-health, e-government and e-maintenance.

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Microelectronic & Nanotechnologie

In particular, the manufacture of analog and RF electronic devices as well as VLSI integrated circuits.

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Productive and Robotics

Automated production systems, flexible workshops, artificial vision and CFAO.

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Deposition of thin layers

Plasma and laser ablation, in particular the manufacture of reactors, characterization by X-ray diffraction.

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