International and national cooperation agreements:

• Abdul Rahman Mira Bejaia University, Cooperation Agreement, 03/2009/2012
Baji Mokhtar University, Annaba, Algerian-Canadian Universities Partnership Agreement, 2008/2010.
Constantine University 1, Cooperation Agreement, 2005/2010.
Yahya Fares Medea University, Agreement on Cooperation and Exchange of Experiences, 04-2010 / 03-2013.
• University of Science and Technology, Houari Boumediene, Algeria, Cooperation Agreement, 11-2001 / 10-2004, Partnership Between Algerian Canadian Universities 2008/2010.
Hassiba Ben Bouali Chlef University, Cooperation Agreement, 02-2011 / 01-2012.
• Kassadi University of Merbah, Ouargla, agreement in the framework of scientific cooperation, 02 / 2008-01 / 2013
• University of Mohamed Bougara Boumerdes, Cooperation Agreement, 04/2006
• Saad Dahlab University, Blida, 2004 cooperation agreement.
• Al-Hajj Al-Akhdar University in Batna, 1 Shahid Muhammad Street, agreement in the framework of scientific and technological cooperation, 02/26/2012.
• University of Technical Sciences Dortmund Germany, Street 44221 Dortmund Germany, a partnership contract (building relationships and creating foundations for mutual cooperation and cooperation in various fields 11/07/2018.
• Valenciennes University and Hainaux Campres (France), agreement in the framework of scientific cooperation, 10/24/2013.
• Abu Bakr University in El-Qayed Tlemcen (Faculty of Sciences – Department of Physics), Cooperation Agreement, 01/02/2016.
• University of Evry Val (France), Cooperation Agreement, 04/01/2018/2023.

Institutes and schools
Military Polytechnic School, Borg El Bahri, Algiers, cooperation agreement, 01/1997
• The National School of Agriculture, El Harrach, Algiers, agreement in the framework of scientific cooperation, 02/08/2014

• National Agency for the Evaluation of Results of Technological Research and Development (ANVREDET)
• Algerian Space Agency (ASAL), agreement in the framework of scientific cooperation, 03/02/02/2015
• Algerian Space Agency, Construction of 14 Omar Essawi Al-Hammadia Street – Bouzarra, Algiers, Cooperation Agreement, 27/09/2004/2007.
• Algerian Space Agency (ASAL), 14 Omar Essaoui Street, Hammadia-Bouzarea, Algiers, cooperation agreement, 12/03/2004/2007.
• The National Agency for Youth Employment Support (ANSEJ), Partnership Agreement, 06/11/2016 (for an unlimited period from the date of its signing).

Research centers
Algeria Center for Nuclear Research (CRNA), two agreements for cooperation in research and scientific training, 2004-2005.
• The National Center for Integrated Building Studies and Research (CNERIB), Algiers, the new city of Al-Muqrani – Swedish, 12/13/2005.
• Electricity and Gas Research and Development Center – CREDEG Spa, Wind Hill, RN 36, Folie El Ashour Road, Agreement, in the Framework of Scientific and Technological Cooperation, 2013/2018

National and foreign companies
• MediTac France, 01, France, cooperation agreement 25/06/2005/2008.
• H.B.Technologies Company, Al-Fajr Cooperative Society, September 9, Algiers, Bir Mourad Rais, Cooperation Agreement, 08/02/2005/2008.
• H.B.Technologies Company, Plot 69, Rouiba Industrial Zone, Algiers, Framework Agreement, 3/22/2012.
• SAADENT Company, 2012A2, Ain Allah Dali Ibrahim – Algeria, Cooperation Agreement, 05/23/2005.
• National Equipment and Services Company, Civil 175 Housing, No. 11/2 Daraya – Algiers, Cooperation Agreement, 05/23/2005/2008.
• SARL ADDOCUM, 49 Hassiba Ben Bouali Street, Algeria, Framework Cooperation Agreement, 02/09/2006/2009.

Public bodies
• The General People’s Council of Baba Hassan, Cooperation Agreement, 2010/2013.