Scientific Cooperation:

Various national and international actions of cooperation and scientific partnership are in progress at CDTA. Their objectives vary between the development of a national synergy in research and development, the transfer of scientific knowledge and skills, training through research and effective participation in international research projects. Thus, the CDTA is the focal point of various consortia and national research networks, including:

The National Consortium for the Participation of Algeria in the International Space Mission JEM-EUSO:

By the Decision No. 06 dated 06 July 2014, issued by the Directorate General of Scientific Research and Technological Development DGRSDT, the CDTA has been designated as establishment focal point of the National Consortium in the international collaboration JEM-EUSO(Extreme Universe Space Observatory on board Japanese Experimental Module).

The participation of Algeria aims to develop a space observatory of the Extreme Universe to be placed aboard the Japanese segment of the international space station. The project is supported by 87 institutions in 16 countries, including Algeria. The Algerian consortium is made up of seven groups from seven institutions, including 18 CDTA researchers.

The DGRSDT-NIMS Collaboration:

The DGRSDT and the Japanese National Institute of Materials Science “NIMS” signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on March 30, 2015. On the sidelines of the signing was held a workshop on materials for energy and environment between university materials specialists and distinguished national laboratories in Algeria. It should be noted that several other more active future cooperation can be envisaged between NIMS and academic institutions in Algeria.

Current Technology Partnerships:

As part of its strategic approach to revitalize its R & D activity and collaboration with the socio-economic sector through the development and deployment of new and innovative technological solutions, the CDTA devotes its efforts fully to various and large technological partnerships, with a national scope. The following partnerships reinforce this approach:


CDTA and the Sonelgaz group:

A contract for the construction of a smart gas meter was signed on March 24th, 2014 between CDTA and the Research and Development Center for Electricity and Gas (CREDEG), a Sonelgaz group subsidiary.

The realization of this project is planned in six phases spread over a period of 30 months.

CDTA and Algeria Telecom:

A contract was signed between Algeria-Telecom and the CDTA on April 13th, 2015 concerning the company SATICOM, Algerian Company of Information Technologies and Communication, technological subsidiary of CDTA. It offers different institutions and economic operators the opportunity to create value with the introduction of new technologies through technical assistance, expertise and consulting.

Currently, SATICOM has taken the legal form of a joint-stock company (SPA), whose capital, endowed with 100 million DA, and spread to the level of 67% for the Algerian public operator and 33% for the CDTA.

This action will make it possible to take a step forward in the development of innovative Algerian content and solutions, intended initially for the professional sector.


A 5-year command market contract for the study and development of specific solutions for information and communication technologies (ICT) was signed in April 2015 between CDTA and DGSN.


As part of the creation of an incubator at CDTA, an agreement was signed between L’ANVREDET and CDTA on 01 April 2016, with the aim of laying the foundations for cooperation between the two parties and putting highlighting the conditions under which the partners will be brought into cooperation in the areas of technological incubation, prototyping and the pooling of means for the achievement of objectives identified by both parties.

Covering the creation of an “Incubator” to be installed at the CDTA headquarters, this approach aims to move and encourage the possibilities of technology transfer to the socio-economic world.

The purpose of the agreement is to lay the foundations for cooperation between the CDTA and ANVREDET and to highlight the conditions under which the partners will be brought to cooperate in the fields of technological incubation, prototyping and the pooling of resources for the achievement of objectives identified by both parties.

The CDTA, through this agreement, will offer project sponsors and those sponsored and accompanied by ANVREDET an adequate space that will serve as an incubator and a scientific and technical environment with its most advantageous human and material resources. For its part, the ANVEREDET with its expertise in the valuation, incubation and promotion of innovation will help to install the incubator and to preselect and support project leaders whose themes are related to the fields of competence of the CDTA.

CDTA and the multinational SIEMENS:

As a major player in the development of innovative solutions in the field of automation and digitalization, on February 6th, 2017, CDTA signed an agreement with the multinational Siemens, whose object is to equip a laboratory of the Productivity and Robotics division of CDTA with various industrial hardware and software, and this, for the implementation of the “Industry 4.0” platform for development, engineering and training.

This agreement, based on the transfer of technology and know-how, will be done through mixed teams of the two entities that will work on issues raised by Algerian industrialists, with a view to diversifying the country’s economy.


The Centre for the Development of Advanced Technologies and the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a framework partnership and cooperation agreement On February 22, 2018.

Both parties intend to cement their conventional relations through the implementation of a nationwide project, through a comprehensive and integrated solution for the establishment of a database accessible through the CACI portal.

The envisaged collaboration implies the implementation of joint and concerted actions for the realization of projects in the matter of:

• Feasibility studies.

• Research and development.

• Knowledge transfer and technical scientific and technological skills.

• Engineering and implementation of projects and solutions for the realization of system of information.

• Provision of services.

• Training.

• Expertise and expert exchange.

• Any other action agreed to by both parties in the context of the purpose of this agreement.


Signed on March 6th, 2018, this framework agreement aims to define the conditions and scientific, technical and technological cooperation between CDTA and SNVI Group. Both parties are committed to developing synergy in their activities and close collaboration in the following areas:

• Digital industry & connected factory.

• Design, layout and supervision of unified assembly lines and / or Heterogeneous of industrial vehicles.

• Intelligent mechatronic systems dedicated to industrial vehicles.

• Computer systems and platform for production supervision.

• Automation and robotization of embedded systems or manufacturing processes.

• Numerical simulation, software development and test benches.

• Rationalization and optimization of the use of energy (gas, electricity, water) in the industrial installations of SNVI.

• Expertise in industrial consulting in the organization and optimization of resources



The Centre for development of advanced technologies , represented by its Director Pr Ghouti MERAD, and the National Agency of Dams and Transfers, represented by its General Manager Mr Arezki BERRAKI, proceeded on 06 November 2018 with the signing of a framework agreement of partnership and cooperation.

The purpose of the agreement is the scientific and technical cooperation between the two parties in the fields related to their regulatory tasks.

The cooperation envisaged implies the carrying out of joint and concerted actions for the development of the following activities:

• The studies

• Scientific research and technological development

• Training and recycling

• The exchange of technical and scientific information.

Former cooperation agreements and contracts previously concluded with the socio-economic sector.

Several agreements and contracts have been executed with the socio-economic sector during the existence of CDTA, the most significant during the last two decades are:

CDTA / HB TECHNOLOGIES Cooperation Agreement

Development and integration of complete solutions based on highly secure smartcards.

CDTA / MEDITECH Cooperation Agreement

Study, development, manufacture and promotion of products and equipment for the medical sector.

CDTA / SAADNET Cooperation Agreement

Study and development, in collaboration between the two structures of applications and telecommunication technology, telephony and voice over IP new generations equipment.


Installation of a telemedicine platform, operating establishment of satellite links, linking CDTA, Birtraria Hospital and Adrar Hospital.


The purpose of this convention is summarized in the scientific, technical and between the CDTA and the CHU of Douera.

CDTA / MPTIC Convention

The subject of this agreement concerns the project: “Study on the organization of security in information systems” .

Cooperation Agreement CDTA / Algerian Space Agency ASAL

FPGA development and implementation of a security system of transmission of satellite and medical images on networks in general and the Internet in particular by encryption and tattooing.

CDTA / URD / avionics cooperation agreement

The object of this convention concerns the project: “Realization of the prototype of the System Recording Flight Parameters “.


The design and development of an automatic processing application survey.

CDTA / COMENA Convention

– Elaboration of magnetic materials on thin films.

Convention CDTA / UDTS

Silicon carbide deposits by laser ablation.

Maintenance contract: CDTA / DOUERA Hospital

Maintenance of IT equipment at the DOUERA Hospital