CDTA is completing its fourth decade of existence as a Research entity, although officially established in 1988 as a Center with most of its current scientific structure. Its scientific founders, whom we salute, promoted a long-term vision that has indeed shown its validity until today when most of the fields remain relevant today. The transition, twenty years ago, to the status of EPST: Public Establishment of a Scientific and Technological nature, expressly consecrated the vocation of scientific research and technological development as a public service endowed with mechanisms for promoting its products in the socioeconomic sector. These have been reinforced over the past five years with the creation of dedicated technological platforms. Our central objective is to build on the momentum launched four years ago under the mandate of the late Prof. Ghouti MERAD, that we bow to his memory, in order to make these mechanisms profitable by taking charge, jointly with our partners, of issues of national scope requiring technical and / or technological solutions. Many products have been valued with public and private CDTA partners and many others, completed or in the process of being finalized, await their valuation.

At present, the Center supports a range of research programs mostly funded (75% of the projects) with public funds allocated directly by the Government. The other projects start from requests received from public and private partners interested in seeing CDTA’s research take charge of their issues through adapted solutions / products, thus constituting the partnership program of CDTA which de facto carries out its statutory missions. These partnerships will be further strengthened for the daily well-being of citizens in relation to: agriculture, transport, health, digital technology, industry, water, energy and the environment. This orientation has already engaged the Center with nine socioeconomic sectors, thereby confirming its intersectoral vocation.

We would like to reassure our socioeconomic and academic partners about the strengthening of our capacities to take charge of their technical, technological and training concerns. These will be considered twice: by the development of solutions at our level and by the deployment of our staff as experts in their operational field.

The CDTA is proud to have always been able to count on the unwavering support of the Directorate General for Scientific Research and Technological Development in carrying out its missions under the guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This approach has enabled the Center to act as a dynamic actor in all the programs / actions / events that the supervisory authority initiates itself or in partnership with other sectors. We perceive this support and these orientations as signs of confidence that we tirelessly strive to honor.

Dr Mohammed TRAICHE, Director