Technological Prototyping Platform

« Potentiality, ability to support innovation, creation and technology transfer »

Integrated in a research environment, the CDTA Technology Prototyping Platform has, according to the Executive Decree N ° 12-293 of July 21, 2012, to ensure different services to its partners as the sector of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the socio-economic and industrial sector. Those services consist of:

  • The manufacture of Prototypes,
  • Experimentation and Demonstration,
  • Technical Assistance and Consulting,
  • Practical Training of Students,
  • Skills upgrading and retraining.

Our engineers and technicians have diverse skills and backgrounds based on the complementarity of multidisciplinary knowledge, both scientific and technical, which are related to mechanical and industrial engineering.

The success of our services relies mainly on the individual qualities of our employees as well as on the national network established over the last 20 years to support them in their development.

Outfit with digital production equipment, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing as well as design tools, 3D metrology scanning and control. The CDTA technological prototyping platform offers to these partners benefits with very high added value such as: