Electromechanical Microsystems Platform

The establishment of the MEMS Electromechanical Microsystems Platform aims to promote and develop the micro-manufacturing technologies needed to manufacture MEMS devices. The platform supports the development of miniaturized devices by offering services and training on miniaturized MEMS devices for the benefit of students, doctoral students and research and higher education personnel, as well as the socio-economic sector. The main mission of the MEMS Microelectromechanical Platform is the manufacture of miniaturized MEMS devices such as sensors and actuators. This involves the support of techniques related to micro-fabrication and characterization of MEMS devices, including prototyping, specific characterization of microstructures, design and assistance.

The current activity includes all the techniques used for the realization of micro-devices according to the equipment currently available, as well as different requests for the use of platform equipment.
The devices and techniques involved in the implementation at the platform level are:

  • Realization of basic MEMS structures (beams, bridges and membranes),
  • Deposition of sensitive layers for gas (ZnO, SnO2, etc.) and polymer-based sensors,
  • Realization of interdigitated comb devices,
  • Realization of micro-fluidic devices and deposition of polymers,
  • Electrodeposition for realization of MEMS structures,
  • Wet and electrochemical etching of silicon substrates.

The platform is divided into three areas:

  • SAS entry area
  • Process area & characterization
  • General chemistry area.


Dr. Yamna Bakha
Email : ybakha@cdta.dz