Thermal Spray Platform

The CDTA’s Thermal spray Platform is the Algeria’s premier national platform for thermal spray processes research and technological development. The platform was installed in The CDTA in 2016.

Thermal spray Technology is a group of techniques and surface treatment processes that provide new properties and functionalities to the treated surfaces. Thermal Spray Technology can be used in many industrial applications. The most important ones are the aerospace, gas turbines and automobile industries; they constitute 75% of the total market for thermal spray, which is about $6.5 Billion [Dorfman and Sharma, 2013]. The thermal spray advancements benefit also other industries such as oil and gas and biomedical. Most of this market is located in North America, Europe and Middle East. This regional breakdown of the thermal spray market reflects the increasing interest in this technology and its importance in the industry.

The thermal spray research activity was introduced at CDTA in 2005 through the FNR funded research programs. Since then, our group of scientists and technologists conducted theoretical and experimental research on modelling and properties of conventional thermal sprayed coatings. This research activity continues to grow allowing it to carry out collaborative research and development projects with a strong socio-economic impact.

We support a variety of research and development programs, we are therefore committed to provide collaborative solutions to materials science and engineering based systems.

The thermal spray platform capabilities include Atmospheric Plasma Spray process (APS) and Wire Arc Spray process (WAS). It is possible to include other processes such as HVOF and cold spray in the actual installation.

In view of the socioeconomic impact of the thermal spray technology, this platform can play the role of accelerating the thermal spray development in Algeria, the platform has the capacity to bring together all the actors of the R&D. It is therefore a tool technology transfer and support for innovation.