The Advanced Technologies Development Center, in partnership with ” AquaSafe Algeria ” and ” BIGmama ”, organized from 6th to 8th November 2016, the second edition of the “Hard innovation” challenge, hosted at the new incubator CDTA “Fikra-Tech”
This year’s edition proposed a new formula for the challenge: Put teams of diverse horizons into competition with the aim of proposing ideas and designing prototypes of innovative and most useful solutions and products, according to two themes:
I- Engineering Solutions to Transport and Road Safety Problems: Congestion, Parking, Means of Transport,On one hand, the CDTA made available to the teams: material, coaching sessions, coaching and assistance and, on the other hand, a rich program for the benefit of the guests of the event, including presentations and plenary lectures led by eminent experts in various fields, namely, “Entrepreneurship, Investment and business plan, innovation; intellectual property, etc.
At the opening ceremony and after the address of the Director General of Scientific Research and Technological Development, Pr. Hafid AOURAG, an agreement was signed between the CDTA, represented by its Director, Dr. Yassine DJERIDANE and ANSEJ represented by its Director Mr Mourad ZEMALI
The purpose of this convention is to define the partnership framework between the two institutions for financing the creation of micro-enterprises in the field of advanced technologies. This will also allow future entrepreneurs incubated within Fikra-tech, to benefit from technical support by providing all the necessary resources for the realization of his project and the creation of his future business. This partnership will also contribute to the animation of the Fikra-tech incubator by setting up information and training programs related to the management of companies. Thus, future entrepreneurs will benefit from all the facilities and services provided by ANSEJ. .
At the end of the three days of competition, the jury selected two groups to which it was awarded prizes, in addition to the proposal of an incubation at the level of Fikra-tech, with a start-up budget of 500,000 AD, to help them start their businesses.Some statistics:
Number of registered candidates:
Theme 1: 70
Theme 2: 75
Number of successful candidates:
Theme 1: 40 which corresponds to 57.14% of the registered candidates
Theme 2: 11 which corresponds to 11.64% of registered candidates
Number of participating candidates:
Theme 1: 21 which corresponds to 52.5% of successful candidates and 30% of registrants.
Theme 2: 4 which corresponds to 36.36% of successful candidates and 5.33% of registered