CDTA contributes to the development and the growth of the country’s economy and participates in the wealth creation through technology transfer and the establishment of innovative enterprises. This goal is included in the Centre’s program to be accomplished; an incubator is in phase of installation in collaboration with ANVREDET.

This incubator is a support structure for the creation of innovative business which aims to transform an innovative idea into competitive enterprise.

The services offered by the incubator can be summarized in:

  • Support in the business model formulation and business plan writing.
  • The incubator provides project leaders with premises, meeting rooms, document funds…
  • The incubator helps future enterprise to understand and fit into its environment and follow its search for funding through its close relations, notably with the seed funds.


The projects will be incubated are selected after a selection committee study, innovative ideas must be recorded in the field of Advanced Technologies.

Incubation passes through three main steps:

  • Preselection;
  • Selection;
  • Start-up.

The incubator is open to any creation project of innovative enterprise with high potential for development, a team is at your disposal to direct and guide you in your incubation project.