April 17, 2022 Fatma Zohra BOUZIDI Uncategorized

Commemoration of yaoum El Ilm April 16 at the SIDI ABDELLAH Technopole

The Center for  Development of Advanced Technologies CDTA actively participated in the commemoration day of yaoum El Ilm on April 16th , at the SIDI ABDELLAH Technopole, organized jointly by the National School of Mathematics (ENSM) and the National School of Artificial Intelligence (ENSIA).

The opening of this scientific event was honored by the presence of:

  • Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,
  • Minister of National Education,
  • Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women Status,
  • Minister of Culture and the Arts.

The opening address was led by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, followed by that of the Minister of National Solidarity, Family and the Women Status. Who sent a common message aimed at mobilizing all actors for the promotion of a strong and dignified status for Algeria, based on science and education.

The CDTA marked its presence by the intervention of two of its young researchers, namely: Mrs. Sara BOURAINE and Mr. Sidi Mohamed MERAH. This was followed by the intervention of Mr. Mohamed BOURENANE, an Algerian researcher established abroad and working with the CDTA.

A documentary film on CDTA technologies was also shown to the audience.

Gifts were offered to the winners of the Mathematics Olympiad and HACKATHON competitions, for the first time at the national level.

In the end, a tour of the stands was made, and the CDTA stood out with a stand that has much activity,  exhibiting several of its products and which was remarkably enthusiastic.