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National Conference on « Scientific and Technological Public Establishments ».

Saturday January 16th , 2021.

    Professor Ghouti MERAD, Director of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies, participated on Saturday January 16th , 2021, to the inauguration of the works of the National Conference on « Scientific and Technological Public Establishments ». The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Abdelbaki BENZIANE led (took in charge) the opening of the works of the Conference, which was attended by research institutes from various sectors for the first time.

    For research institutes in the East and West, the conference was conducted by videoconference. The objective of holding this session is to consolidate the partnership with the social and economic sector, in particular in the field of the evaluation of the results of research, innovation and technological transformation, by identifying avenues and means allowing the development of cooperation between national and international research institutions, as well as coordination and consultation on activities related to the development of public institutions of a scientific and technological nature.

    The conference program focused on the reality of scientific research and technological development and its future prospects, in particular with regard to applied and experimental sciences, evaluation of research and its development.

    A debate took place during this conference, which resulted in important recommendations.

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