September 8, 2022 Fatma Zohra BOUZIDI Uncategorized


It is a pride for the CDTA to see the masterful rank of its research corps consolidated with the recent promotion To the rank of Director of Research of Gentlemen and Ladies:

  • Assali Abdennacer, UROP
  • Aouache Mustapha, Télécom
  • Mansoul Ali, Télécom
  • Oulefki Adel, Télécom
  • Messaoud Aberkane Sabrina, MIL
  • Serhane Rafik, DMN
  • Annou Karima, MIL

And promotion to the rank of Master of Research-A of Gentlemen:

  • Ykhlef Fayçal, ASM
  • Kerdjidj Oussama, Télécom
  • Gaham Mahdi, DRP

My congratulations to the graduates! May this consecration pave the way for you further towards more success in your scientific journey, dotted with research, supervision, publication, writings, etc. and consecration for the strengthening of the CDTA and the development of our country.

The Director of the CDTA