April 25, 2022 mbacha Uncategorized

A researcher from CDTA : Dr. El Hachemi AMARA, among the 2% best researchers in the world.

A study was initiated by a group of specialists from Stanford University, who published in the trans disciplinary database, Scopus, the list of the 2% best researchers in the world for the year 2021, in which we find 47 Algerians from various specialties.


The total number of this list amounts to 160,000 scientists from 149 countries around the world. This study was established on the basis of data that already was published on Scopus. This was, regarding to 22 scientific specialties and 176 sub-disciplines. These are the publications of researchers who have published at least five (05) research articles.


The choice of these 2% most cited scientists were made in particular based on the H Index indicator, which is used to quantify scientific productivity and the scientific impact of research.