Tribute and Acknowledgments


Our country, like all countries affected by the Corona pandemic, is deploying all means to cope. The civic duty is to contribute to the national effort to eradicate this virus.

From the beginning of this crisis, several CDTA employees, all categories combined, wage a merciless fight, armed with their know- how, their sense of creativity, and with the means made available to them by the Center and the General Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Development- DGRSDT (MESRS).

Since then, they have spared no effort and have worked tirelessly to develop, produce and contribute to the production of necessary products: protective face shields, digital platforms, artificial respirators, etc.  Thanks to them, to their courage and selflessness, and as well to the invaluable support of those volunteers from research Centers: CERIST, CRAPC, CRTSE and CDER, who came to lend a hand, essential consumables are delivered daily and put at the disposal of our compatriots in the public and private sector (health personnel, civil protection and others) who are on the front line and risk their lives at all times. Dear Colleagues, I would like to pay tribute to you and sincerely thank you for your unreserved commitment and the sacrifices you make during these difficult and crucial moments experienced by our nation and all of humanity.


The Director of CDTA

Professor G. MERAD