September 9, 2021 Rachid SIKADOUR Uncategorized

Installation of Dr Hamza BELHADJ as Director of URNN.

The Deputy Director of the CDTA, Dr Mohamed TRAICHE and the Secretary General Mr Sid Ahmed ZELBAH, proceeded this Thursday, September 09, 2021 to the official installation of Dr Hamza BELHADJ in his functions of Director of URNN replacing Dr Hadj Mohamed BENIA , in the presence of the latter two, the Director of UROP and URNN staff.

The Deputy Director recalled the missions and attributions as Unit Director ,as stipulated by the regulations in force. He congratulated Dr BELHADJ and wished him every success in carrying out his new functions. He also thanked Dr BENIA for the services rendered to the URNN Unit and to the CDTA for his career at the head of the Unit.

The Secretary General of the Center and the officials presented  their congratulations to  Dr BELHADJ and thanked Dr BENIA.

A short debate was initiated around the Unit’s missions and the desired place of Nanosciences in the national scientific  scene and on its implications in terms of staff engagement.