October 13, 2021 Rachid SIKADOUR Uncategorized

Products, Solutions and Demonstrations Presented at the inauguration of the two Higher Schools on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics on 12/10/2021

The CDTA, as a partner of the two schools, was invited to present some products and applications.

The day saw the presentation of about twenty demonstrators, some provided with videos and samples by the Productics and Robotics, Systems Architecture and Multimedia Divisions as well as by Telecom division



Nb Title of the application / product
1 Virtual reality for medical training in anatomy.
2 Diagnostic assistance for COVID 19 by Virtual Reality.
3 Virtual reality functional rehabilitation assistance system.
4 Augmented reality for industrial maintenance.
5 Virtual reality gait analysis system.
6 Collaborative Robotics.
7 HILS (Hardware in The Loop Simulation)
8 Communicating gas meter.
9 Intelligent Transportation
10 Smart wheelchair.
11 Recognition of human activities through Deep Learning.
12 Navigation of a mobile robot based on artificial intelligence techniques.
13 Intelligent Solid Waste Collection and Management System for Algerian Municipalities
14 Advanced Applications related to Face Biometrics:

· Intelligent video surveillance.

· Kinship verification and Spoof detection

· Face morphing detection

15 AI for assisting elderly and amputees
16 Characterization of Reservoir Rocks.
17 Intelligent Management of Business Parkings .
18 Binary Arithmetic for Numeric Applications


19 Hardware and Software Architectures for Medical Data Security.
20 Embedded System for DICOM Image Compression.


21 Brain Image Diagnostic Support System.