September 13, 2023 mbacha Uncategorized

Meeting Research – National Companies at CDTA

As part of the valorization of research and development products for the benefit of national industry, representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production met  at the CDTA, September 12th , 2023.

On this occasion, public and private companies interested in prototype products developed at CDTA came to explore industry-research partnerships around these products.

A dozen companies spoke with the center’s researchers and engineers carrying prototype products who presented their solutions and characteristics

This meeting strengthens the already existing links between the CDTA and the national industry which is in the straight  line with the government program in terms of strengthening the national industry.

Various products were subjects of discussions and examinations, such as:

  • Digital Platform for the COVID-19
  • Face Biometric based Framework for Access Control and Intelligent Video Surveillance in Challenging Environments
  • The First Cartographic Portal of Marine Aquaculture in Algeria
  • Digital Control Platform X.0
  • Software Platform for Digital Production of Complex Parts on 03-Axis Milling Machines
  • Trolley for electric tablet charges