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Minister Chitour acknowledges the intense efforts provided to overcome the covid-19 pandemic

The outbreak of the global pandemic Corona (covid-19) is affecting, among other nations, our
country. This silently devastating virus has generated a certain shortage in consumer products,
notably those related to protective and preventive measures.
Nonetheless, the Algerian academic community and our fellow researchers, along with our
brave students, in the universities of: Batna, Tizi Ouzou, Blida, Boumerdes, Algiers, Setif, Constantine,
Oran, as well as the CDTA and “Pasteur” institute of Constantine, successfully manufactured
paramedical products, disinfectant gels, protective masks, PCR’s, artificial respiration prototypes,
and many other products.
For this, I wish to reiterate my thanks and also express how much we are indebted to our
academic community, and research teams who alway stood and proven their genuine and true sense
of responsibility in hard times.
Once again, I would like to share with them my pride, and utmost recognition for their involvement
and the longstanding commitment they have demonstrated in serving our country, particularly in the
current health and economic circumstances.
May Allah reward them and help us all eradicate this deadly pandemic, and protect our people who, with no doubt, will emerge from this terrible ordeal.
Professor Chems Eddine Chitour

Tribute to the Algerian Medics and Paramedics

In this particular situation in which our nation is going through, characterized by the
emergence of a common and global enemy. On behalf of the Ministry of Higher Education, and on
my name, I witness my sincere and authentic tribute to our fellow compatriots in the health sector
namely teachers, university hospital researchers, public and private health practitioners, who are
battling on the ground, and ensuring the the necessary conditions to fight against this world scourge,
and who are still risking their lives.
I express my total gratitude and my unwavering support.
May the Almighty Allah reward them and help us all, and strengthen our solidarity to defeat
this enemy and protect our people, who always and undoubtedly emerge from this terrible ordeal
Professor Chems Eddine Chitour

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