February 18, 2021 Rachid SIKADOUR Uncategorized

National Research Programs (PNR).



In anticipation of the operation to launch the call for proposals for research projects relating to the implementation of national research programs (PNR) on Food Security, Citizen’s Health and Energy Security, the General Directorate of Scientific Research and Technological Development – MESRS invites researchers to prepare their project proposals   by respecting the following terms and conditions:

  1. Need to have a socio-economic partner who contributes to the detailed definition of the project’s missions and to the identification of expected deliverables.
  2. The human component of the team must be mixed and distributed equitably between academic researchers (50%) and skills available at the level of the socio-economic institutions participating in the project (50%). The maximum number of team for a project is six (06) persons.
  3. The partner institution representing the socio-economic sector undertakes to link the project to its institution and include their execution in its work program.
  4. The theoretical part of the project must be ready and the technological maturity level (TRL) of the product to be produced (starting from level 3 at least) is taken into consideration in the design of the project.
  5. The execution of the research project must be done through the exploitation of the scientific infrastructures and equipment available within the various research entities (laboratory, research units and centers) as well as other establishments. The design of solutions and products should be done in accordance with the requirements of the socio-economic partner.

Projects must be structured to meet the socio-economic needs of user sectors and establishments.


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