December 31, 2020 Rachid SIKADOUR Uncategorized

New Patents from CDTA

Registered at INAPI


The CDTA has just registered two patents entitled:

1- “Hardware / software Co-design system for compressing DICOM medical images.”

This is the result of work on the hardware compression system for medical images carried out by the Group:

Fatiha ALIM, Farid TALBI, Belkacem HACHEMI, Sofiane SEDDIKI and Khadidja MESSAOUDI

of the Systems Architecture and Multimedia Division

2- “System and Method for porting the ASTERISK-PBX PBX on the free Open Risc processor and its implementation on FPGA and on  printed circuit.”

This is the result of work on the new system on chip dedicated to a VoIP “Voice over Internet Protocol” application, carried out by the Group:

Nouma IZEBOUDJEN, Feroudja ABID, Mohamed BAKIRI, Dalila LAZIB, Fatiha LOUIZ, Sabrina TITRI and Nabila BENKHALFA

of the Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Division

The Director congratulates the members of the two groups, in particular, Dr Fatiha ALIM and Dr Nouma IZEBOUDJEN, and expresses its pride to count them among the staff of the CDTA.

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