Laser Systems Technology Team (TLS)    

The Laser Systems Technology team ( in french TSL: Technologie des Systèmes Lasers) has been in existence for more than 30 years under other names : Laser and applications, Gas lasers and Solide state lasers . The TLS team has always been interested in the lasers development aspect, which has enabled the team members to acquire unique know-how at the national level in the field of laser technologies. The team mainly has the following equipment:

– CO2 laser marking system (CO2 laser, 9.6 μm, CW).

–  diode laser pumped solid laser (DPSS, 532 nm, QCW)

–  Nd: YAG laser+ OPO (1.57 μm, pulsed)

– Nd: YAG laser + frequency doubler (532 nm, pulsed).

–  picosecond fiber laser (1030 nm).

– Ruby laser oscillator (694.3 nm).

– He-Ne lasers (632.8 nm, CW) for alignment.

– Laser beam analyzer.

Know-How and expertise

The team members have developed expertise in laser technologies field such as:

  • Flash lamps pumped solid state lasers.
  • Gas lasers (slow-flow CO2 laser)
  • Excitation systems for solid state lasers.
  • Laser marking systems.
  • Automation of laser systems.
  • Laser instrumentation (laser rangefinder, …)



Team’s Chief

DR.Abdelkrim KEDADRA (RMA)