Plasmas and Applications Team (P&A)  

The plasmas and applications (P&A) team includes a multidisciplinary workforce whose research activities touch on fundamental aspects, technological development and applied sciences. The research activities of P&A team are focused on cold and hot plasmas physics as well as their applications in different sectors such as energy, environment, security, industrial technologies and medicine. To meet the requirements of these sectors, the team’s programs revolve around projects focused mainly on the development of vacuum and atmospheric pressure plasma sources and reactors for surface treatment, layer or multilayer deposition processes, ab initio simulations of materials, as well as the physics of acceleration of hot plasmas by intense and short lasers. The P&A team includes among its objectives to work in close collaboration with the socio-economic sector for better integration of plasma processes in Algerian SMEs / SMIs.


In previous years and through the implementation of the FNR, PNR and socio-economic projects, the P&A team has accumulated know-how and expertise around the following points that can meet the needs of several socio-economic sectors:

  • Design and production of plasma sources
  • Design and realization of ICP / CCP-RF plasma reactor
  • Design and realization of ion sources
  • Modeling and diagnostics of electronegative plasmas
  • Modeling of cold plasmas
  • Modeling of hot and dense plasmas
  • Experimental approaches around discharge plasmas
  • Atomistic modeling of materials
  • Electrical diagnosis of radiofrequency, pulsed and continuous plasmas.
  • Vacuum technology and installation of cold plasma surface treatment manipulations
  • Synthesis of thin carbon layers by PECVD
  • Synthesis of thin films by PVD
  • Characterization of plasma by optical emission spectroscopy
  • Mechanical characterization by nanoindentation
  • Tribological characterization of thin layers
  • Physico-chemical characterization of thin carbon layers
  • Optical characterization of thin films
  • Modeling and simulation of intense laser acceleration and hot plasma for optimization of energy ion beams generated during the laser-target interaction for medical applications.

Team’s Chief