Themal Spray Team         

The Thermal Projection team is a multidisciplinary research entity combining materials sciences, mechanics, electronics and plasma physics. Thermal spray technology involves a group of surface treatment processes that confer to the treated surfaces new properties and functionalities. This technology is ubiquitous in various industrial fields, including aerospace, automobile,   energy, metallurgy, biomedical, electronics, environment, etc…

The thermal projection team is committed to identifying current issues that limit the evolution of these processes and to propose projects with high economic benefits. It also aims to establish a research and development strategy in this area to meet the country’s socio-economic needs.

Domaine of ​​Interest

The team is interested in many activities as follows:

  • Development of new surface features using thermal spray processes.

  • Development of more efficient thermal spray processes such as VPS, SPS, Cold Spray

  • Synthesis of new materials, and

  • Characterization of the elaborated materials.


  • Design and develop physical or numerical models for a better understanding of the physical

  • Phenomena that occur during thermal spraying;

  • Preparation of layered materials using thermal spraying processes for various applications, and

  • Characterize the materials and control the mechanisms of their growth.

Team Influence

  •  Supervision of master and PhD students;

  • Hosting foreign students or doctoral dissertations abroad.

  • Join scientific societies in the field of team activity (TSS, ASM …).

  • Participate in collaborative R&D projects involving the socio-economic sector.

  • Publication of scientific papers in leading international journals.

  • Participate in national and international scientific meetings.

Team’s Chief 

DR.Souileh ZAHI (RMB)