Team: Instrumentation and Control of Quality (ICQ)

Team leader: Dr. Zemouri ET-Tahir

Team presentation

The team ” Instrumentation and control of Quality ” (ICQ) has the mission to develop hardware and software platforms to solve the problem of quality control in very diverse sectors such as industry, medical, environment, etc…

In general, anomaly detection is handled as part of this team’s missions. Artificial intelligence, systems with a client/server environment, and wired and wireless sensor networks are used to achieve this goal. Particular emphasis has been placed on the case of the detection of cancer treatment abnormalities by radiotherapy.

This multidisciplinary application (medicine, medical physics, instrumentation, computer science) is part of a need expressed by the medical sector. Nevertheless, the results obtained now and in the future may be applied in other areas other than the medical (industry, agriculture, environment, etc.)

Research themes

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Expert system
  • Anomaly detection
  • Radiotherapy monitoring
  • Wired and wireless sensor network
  • Real-time supervision.


The team has acquired expertise and know-how from the multidisciplinary staff (technical, oncology, medical physics, and treatment machine) of the Pierre and Marie Curie Center of Algiers in the field of cancer treatment by radiotherapy.

Other expertise

  • Virtual instrumentation (measurement and industrial control)
  • Local network platform (or internet) for real-time monitoring of machines.
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Wired sensor networks (RS232, RS486, onewire, etc.)

Impact domain

  • Medical (cancer treatment by radiotherapy, control and management of hospitals in instrumentation, etc.)
  • Management and quality control platform in the industrial and agricultural field.

Research projects

Socio-economic project

Project: Detection of abnormalities in a cancer treatment chain by radiotherapy.

List of members

  • ALLAM Abdelkrim, MRA,
  • FERHAT Sabrina, Research associate,
  • ZEMOURI Et-Tahir, Research associate,
  • BAGHRADJI Abdelkrim, Engineer,
  • RAMDANE Mourad, Senior Technician,
  • BENAMROUCHE Djamel, Research Engineer,

Equipment/ Software

  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Wireless sensors
  • Switch hub for PC networks


  • Private Radiotherapy Clinic of OULED -Yaich
  • CPMC of Algiers