The Microelectronics and Nanotechnology Division’s research activities focus on the design of RF and mixed integrated circuits, integrated systems on chip and MEMS components, the development of CAD-VLSI tools, the characterization and reliability of devices as well as semiconductor and technology simulation.

The design of integrated circuits focuses on:

  • ASICs / FPGA specific integrated circuits
  • Integrated systems on chip (SoC)
  • Radio frequency integrated circuits

The MEMS component design activity focuses on:

  • The design and production of micro-sensors and actuators
  • The development of materials dedicated to Microsystems (MEMS)
  • The development of processes for micro-fabrication of MEMS devices

The CAD/VLSI tool development activity focuses on :

  • The development of platforms for hardware software co-design for the implementation of intelligent algorithms on FPGA/ASIC
  • Development of time-efficient CPU optimization techniques due to the processing of a very large data set

The component characterization and reliability activity essentially focuses on :

  • Electrical characterization of semiconductor components and devices
  • The development of soft/hard platforms for component reliability testing
  • Development of design techniques to improve the reliability of integrated circuits

The technological simulation activity mainly concerns:

  • TCAD (SILVACO) simulation of CMOS technological processes, and its electrical behaviour (Process and device simulation)
  • Multi-physical simulation of MEMS, BioMEMS and RF MEMS devices using the Comsol multiphysics tool.