The competitiveness of the machining process in terms of productivity and quality is maintained due to the permanent evolution of the CNC machines kinematics and the CAD-CAM software functionality. The main objective of the CFAO team is the production of mechanical workpieces having functional surfaces with complex shape machined on high-speed multi-axis machines. The team conducts research and development in the field of material removal machining by focusing on the indispensable triple components in machining: workpiece, cutting tool and machine tool. In parallel, the team is interested in the design and realization of mechanical systems dedicated to different socio-economic sectors.




  • Socio-economic:

Project 1: Digital production of complex parts on 03-axis milling machines

Project 2: Prototype development of pedagogical universal mechanical testing  machine


Equipments / Softwares: Solid Works, Cam Works.


Valorisation :

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National collaboration: USTHB Bab-Ezzouar, ENP El-Harrach, EMP Bordj-El-Bahri.
International collaboration: University of Naples-Federico II Italy, Royal Institute of Technology de KTH Stockholm Sweden.

Team leader

Mr. Bey Mohamed, Research assistant