Team: Biometrics, Multimedia Security and Forensics

Team leader: Bengherabi Messaoud


Team Overview

The BIOSMC team consists of seven (07) researchers. Through the work done on face and voice modalities during the recent years, team members accumulate a significant experience in audio–visual biometric security systems.

The main objectives of the BIOSMC team can be summarized in two folds:

  1. Presenting scientific contributions in the hot topic of speaker and face analysis in difficult environments and under Adversarial attacks.
  2. Implementation of biometric systems for applications in forensics, video surveillance and access control.

Research Themes


  1. Random variables and statistical signal processing
  2. Digital signal processing
  3. Computer vision
  4. Machine learning and pattern recognition
  5. Parallel computing


1. Biometrics

  • Speaker recognition
  • Face recognition
  • Intelligent video surveillance
  • Biometric anti-spoofing

2. Medical applications

  • Speech pathologies and severity classification


  • Audio and video processing
  • Biometric systems
  • Forensic speaker recognition
  • Machine learning and pattern recognition

Research projects

For the research protocol 2019-2021, the Biometrics, Multimedia Security and Forensics team is involved in one FNR project entitled:

Development of Voice and Face Analysis and Fusion Technique for Access Control, Forensics and Video Surveillance Applications..

Three main challenges will be addressed in this research protocol:

  1. Upgrading the team applications for voice and face
  2. Developing spoofing countermeasures for both face and voice:
  3. The third research challenge in this protocol is the development of face recognition systems in multispectral domain (infrared, near-infrared, .etc.) and also Heterogeneous Face Recognition HFR.


 Socioeconomic Partners

  1. La direction des moyennes techniques de la DGSN (Ministry of interior)).

Academic Partners

 Signal Processing and Imaging Laboratory – Blida1 University

  • Laboratory of Inverse Problems, Modeling, Information and Systems – Guelma University
  • Laboratory of Spoken Communication and Signal processing –USTHB University