Printed Circuit Prototyping Section

The mission of the printed circuit board prototyping section is to produce electronic board prototypes with the following phases of production:

  • Engraving of cards (single-sided, double-sided and multilayer with a maximum of eight (08) layers)
  • Hole Metallization (VIAs)
  • Varnishing of the cards
  • Screen printing on printed circuits
  • Installation and welding of components (SMD or through holes)

Our equipment:

  • Protomat S63
    • Etching of PCB chips
    • Etching of welding and screen printing stencils
    • Piercing of inserts
    • Cutting of the inserts
  • MultiPress S
    • Assembly of multilayer circuits
  • ProtoFlow S
    • soft brazing oven by refusions
  • ProtoPlace S
    • Semi-automatic component placement system
  • LPKF ProtoPrint S
    • Carrying out screen printing operations on electronic boards
  • LPKF Contac S4
    • Hole Metallization (VIAs)

Drawing rules for printed circuits

In order to be able to successfully produce your electronic boards, the rules indicated below must be respected when designing the boards.