Thermal Spray

A technological platform dedicated to the treatment of materials

The thermal spray platform is open to all academic and scientific research institutions, companies, training institutions, the city, etc.

The platform shares its scientific and technical skills as well as its high-tech means with its partners. Its services are organized according to the following aspects:

  • Training: a tool at the service of training and research structures as well as industrial.
  • R&D and Innovation: the platform facilitates access to advanced material processing technology and aims to lead collaborative research and development projects with high socio-economic impact.
  • Business support: encourage investment in companies (expertise, advice, help in choosing a technology, etc.)

In this context, the platform offers services with the main objective of knowledge and technologies transfer to the various sectors concerned. These services are presented in the following table:

Implementation of spray and control processes

Wire-Arc process Type of activity

Wire arc coating


APS coating

Material treatment by plasma

PTH03 Salt spray test chamber: a climatic chamber for salt spray test
PTH04 Sandblaster: Surfaces stripping with corundum
PTH05 Powders granulometry:

Powder size distribution


Training and expertise

Nature of activity
PTH06 Academic Training: Introduction to Thermal Spray Processes
PTH07 Technical training :

APS process

Arc-wire process

PTH08 Professional support: expertise and advice