Ultra Low Power and High Gain Switched CMOS Gm-Boosted Current Reused Mixer For Wireless Multi-Standard Applications


An ultra low power and low voltage down conversion mixer is presented in this paper for the frequency band of 1.8–2.4 GHz. Designed in 0.18μm CMOS technology, the double balanced proposed mixer is composed by two cascaded stages. The first one is based on cross coupled capacitors technique in current reused topology providing a high voltage gain, while the second one employs a current reused transducer coupled to LO driven inverters to perform the down conversion. All the devices operate on moderate inversion for better trade-off between gain, linearity, and low power consumption. The post layout simulation shows a 23 dB of voltage gain conversion, an IIP3 of −2 dBm, with 300μW of power consumption under 0.9 V voltage supply.