September 28, 2019 Rachid SIKADOUR

SIHA system

The SIHA system is also one of the major products under development in CDTA. It currently arouses strong interest from several potential customers (clinics, hospitals, university hospital services …). The system is based on a modular and evolutionary web architecture. The system also integrates medical norms and standards such as IHE, HL7 and CIM10. SIHA is a computer-based patient record management system, based on the Open Source Mediboard. It enables the management of health institutions with different sizes (from a simple office to a hospital UH). SIHA is a patient-centered system, supporting all the activities of a health institution:

  • Management of administrative record;
  • Medical record management;
  • Care record management;
  • Appointment scheduling management;
  • Consultations and visits management;
  • Movements management, etc.