March 26, 2023 mbacha Uncategorized

Visit to the CDTA of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


Professor Kamel BADARI, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, visited the CDTA on  26 03 2023 accompanied by Mr. Mohamed BOUHICHA the Director General of Scientific Research and Technological Development. He was received by Doctor Mohammed TRAICHE the Director of the CDTA, the Deputy Director, the Platform Managers, as well as the heads of divisions and heads of departments of the Centre.

After the presentation of the Centre in the VIP room, the delegation visited the CDTA-Expertise subsidiary, the four technological platforms of: Micro fabrication, MEMS, Thermal Spraying and Prototyping.

Research projects were also exposed such as: LIDAR, BATHYROB, Industry 4.0 and IRVA of Robotics and finally the Fikra-Tech Incubator.

A press briefing was organized on the occasion, and led by the Minister for journalists from Algerian television channels: ENTV, Canal Algérie, Ennahar TV, El Hayet TV, El Watania TV, El Bilad TV and also the radio channels as : Chaine 1, Chaine2, Jil FM as well as national newspapers like, el Hiwar, Horizon and APS.


The visit continued with a meeting of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research with CDTA researchers in the conference room.

The day ended with the signing of the guest book and by offering a courtesy present.