February 16, 2023 mbacha Non classé

Workshop on Intellectual Property

As part of the cooperation project between the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the United States Embassy in Algeria, a workshop entitled: “De-Risking and Commercialization Deep Dive”, was organized by the Center for Development of Advanced Technologies (CDTA), the National Higher Schools of Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics in collaboration with the American University of Notre Dame from February 12th  to 15th , 2023. This workshop was held following the first workshop organized on June 26th  to 29th , 2022 at ENSIA: Workshop on the Creation of the “Algerian Research Hub”.

For the closing of the workshop on February 15th , 2023, the CDTA organized a workshop on Intellectual Property at its headquarters, two conferences were presented:

1- Conference on Artificial Intelligence presented by Professor Djamel BOUCHAFFRA, Research Director, CDTA

2- Commercialization Workshop- Intellectual Property and Patents, by Steven ASIALA, Assistant Director for Researcher Engagement, IDEA Center.

A meeting  ( brainstorming) was held between the managers of the four  establishments to decide on the follow up to give to this cooperation .