April 20, 2020 Rachid SIKADOUR Events

April 16 Science Day : A permanent ressourcing

It is a ritual that we agree every year to commemorate this scientific event, a halt to knowledge which somewhere must allow us to keep awake our scientific patriotism in front of the world movement and, doing so, to fight against the defeat of thought.

This April 16, 2020 which, let us remember, symbolically commemorates BEN Badis’ fight for openness to universal knowledge without losing its cultural fundamentals for the good of this Algeria which is so dear to our hearts.

Higher education, through teachers and students, is called to fight against ignorance through serious, applied, and permanent work.

We need every day to invent a new way of going to the conquest of knowledge. We are confronted in this pandemic with an invisible enemy who prevents us from doing properly our studies and teachings.

Let’s find out the most elegant solutions to always advance in knowledge. This consistency should allow us to show even more imagination and resilience in an increasingly uncertain world.

Who would have said that the traditional university, “Dad” University, opens up to modernity, e-learning, platforms, Moodle, Zoom …, online courses ? Even UFC has to molt to take charge of the virtual university, the second chance university. All knowledge should be available. What matters is how to get them “accepted” by the students, using intelligence.

New challenges await us. All together, let’s show that we can take up the challenge.

خُـذْ لِلحَـيـاةِ سِلاَحَـهـا وَخُـضِ الخْـطُـوبَ وَلاَ تَهبْ   said  Ben Badis


WHIRSHAFFENDAS : said Mse  MERKEL (Yes. We’ll be able to). I wish a lot of success for our elite, as long as they understand the New Algeria is counting on them.


Prof Chems Eddine Chitour

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