March 11, 2020 Rachid SIKADOUR Events

Information and Awareness Day on Accreditation CDTA, March 11, 2020

An information and awareness day on accreditation was organized on March 11th , 2020 within the CDTA, by the Algerian accreditation organization ALGERAC, represented by its General Director, Mr Noureddine BOUDISSA and three heads of departments.

After the welcoming speech and the presentation of the program of the day by the Director of CDTA Pr.Ghouti MERAD, the  Deputy Director, Dr. Mohamed TRAICHE, took the floor, and briefly outlined the needs of the CDTA and its laboratories in field  of accreditation.

The presentations followed one after the other according to the following program:

  • Presentation of ALGERAC: by M BOUDISSA Nouredine, General Manager of ALGERAC,
  • Laboratory accreditation: by Ms BOULESNANE Wafa, Head of laboratory accreditation department and coordinator of accreditation activities.
  • Accreditation of product certifiers: by Ms. LOUMI Farida, Head of product certification department and quality manager.
  • Accreditation of personal certifiers: by Mr. TOUBAL Abdelouaheb, Head of accreditation department of certification bodies and calibration laboratories.

A rich and interesting debate followed the presentations and a visit to the CDTA facilities crowned the information day.

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