FNR PROJECTS  2019-2021 :


1. MASSIVE Negative Ions for Space and Surface Applications: MASSINISSA

Project Manager : Dr. OUDINI Noureddine



2. Optimization of intense laser accelerated ion beams for medical applications: OFIALIAM

Project Manager  : Dr. BENNACEUR-DOUMAZ Djamila



3. Nanostructured and functional anticorrosive coatings based on nitrides and oxides: Synthesis and Applications: NITOXY

Project Manager : Dr.SAOULA Nadia



4. Study of Aurivillius oxyfluoride phases as material for spintronics: FERRO-SPIN

Project Manager : Dr. DJANI Hania




1. Synthesis and application of TiO2 layers in the medical device

Project Manager : Dr. SAOULA Nadia