Team leader : DR. SERHANE Rafik

The R&D activity of the “MEMS and SENSORS” research team consists essentially on the design, manufacture and characterization of MEMS devices and sensors. The main objective of the team is to deal with topical R&D projects with a significant socio-economic impact that take into account the issues of the society.


Team members

Projects :

Socioeconomic projects : 

CT-SAW / CMOS-1μm Project  : Design and realization of a SAW-based temperature sensor compatible with 1-μm CMOS technology. Project manager: SERHANE Rafik 


DGOSC Project : Semiconductor oxide gas detectors for securing indoor air quality in a smart city. Project manager: SMATTI Abderrezzak 


Triennal projects :

ΜRFC project : Development of mini and micro chemical reactors in continuous flow for industrial and biomedical processes. Project manager: BOUASLA Chafia 


Project Supercaps : Manufacturing of high-capacity polymer-based structures. Project  Manager: LOUCIF Mohamed S eiad 



  • Development of materials dedicated to microsystems
  • Design and modeling by different tools (COMSOL, SILVACO).
  • Development of MEMS micro-fabrication processes.
  • Realization and characterization of MEMS devices.


Area of impact

National level

  • Training and supervision on the MEMS activity (Master, Doctorate, etc.).
  • Collaboration around federating projects with CDTA teams or other structures.
  • Creation of a mixed teams with other structures (Research Centers, universities, etc.).
  • Participation in national scientific and cultural events.
  • Participation in the national research salons.
  • Organization of thematic schools.
  • Organization of a national conference on MEMS&SENSORS.

International level

  • Valuation of the team’s research results in international events (congresses, conferences, etc.).
  • Seeking international research and development projects for the integration of the MEMS activity.