Team leader : Dr. Nouma IZEBOUDJEN 

The TDCSD team works in the field of the design and integration on a very large scale of circuits, systems on a chip, and embedded systems using first the design approach for rapid prototyping, using reconfigurable Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) platforms, and then the design approach for integrated circuits for specific ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) applications, using microelectronic technologies available at the MND level.

The main activity focuses on the research of new techniques and the proposal of solutions to improve the performance of circuits and systems in terms of surface area and speed as well as design techniques for minimizing energy consumption, and techniques to increase battery life. The main themes for the next three-year programme include the design of an intelligent and reprogrammable sensor node, the development of a hardware-software joint design platform integrating algorithms for power management and optimization in solar photovoltaic applications and the implementation of communication systems for vehicles and objects connected to embedded and FPGA systems. These three themes have a socio-economic impact in our country (smart X, photovoltaics, ICT, etc.).

Team members


Soci-economic Project 

NCIR project : Reprogrammable Intelligent Sensor Node.  Project manager : IZEBOUDJEN Nouma 

Triennal project

HSC-PV project : Hardware Software co-design for intelligent control and energy optimization: the case of Solar Photovoltaic. Project manager : TITRI Sabrina 



  • HDL and RTL coding of digital circuits and systems.
  • IP integration, Design for reuse.
  • Dynamic reconfiguration.
  • Hardware Software co-design and high-level synthesis (HLS, HDL Coder).
  • Design of SoCs and embedded systems on FPGA.
  • Design of SoCs on ASIC.
  • Implementation of intelligent algorithms on FPGA/ASIC: Neural networks, bio-inspired algorithms.
  • Algorithms for power optimization in photovoltaic panels.
  • Design of multilayer printed circuits.

Area of impact

  • At the national level, the TDCSD team participates in national and international conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • The TDCSD team has published its work in indexed journals.
  • The TDCSD team is working to create a collaboration with Algerian research centers and universities
  • The TDCSD team has contributed to the supervision of student interns ( License, Master, Engineering, Doctorate) from several universities across the country.
  • The TDCSD team works for international collaboration with research teams working in the same field.